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Thread title: Condom eating

avatar Condom eating
by: Ano | Time: 10 June 2019, 10:17
Hi all,
I am pretty new here, we have a serious cuckold /femdom relation for a few years now, lately my wife comes home from her date, she often has different guys for sex, most of the time she uses condoms but she already informed me that in the near future there will be "a next level" comming for me , by meaning she will bring all condoms with her at home and pour it in my mouth, however we are not really sure about health problems that may occur...most of the time the cum may still be quite fresh, as she does it pretty much often on the drive way so I can watch them from the room above....most guys are pretty and looking good and in good health however....so please advice
avatar Condom eating
by: Lollypop | Time: 19 June 2019, 09:44
Well, some say that health risks are minimal if swallowed quickly... I wouldn’t do it anyway. Especially if there are many strangers involved, no matter how good or healthy looking they are. If I may suggest, there are other creative, less risky, ways she could play with you and used condoms. If humiliation of the cuckold is what you both like and enjoy.
avatar Condom eating
by: JeffErin | Time: 17 July 2019, 04:33
Cum is only good fresh. I wouldn't do it. I would that moment but not later. It's gross,